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The ultimate energy boost.



Client in cedar tub at Elevate

Hydrotherapy is the act of immersing yourself in a hot tub for a set period of time and then immediately transitioning to a cold tub for a set period time, usually in a 3-1 ratio (or for a 5-1 or 1-1 ratio). This cycle is repeated three times for maximum effect. 

The result? After about 30 seconds in the cold tub, your body will experience a massive increase in norepinephrine (neurotransmitter responsible for our mood), leaving you feeling energized and boosting your focus, increasing your productivity and efficiency.

How does it work?

Contrast hydrotherapy creates vasodilation (opening) and vasoconstriction (closing) of vessels in the body. By alternating between hot and cold, your body flushes inflammation faster and brings your mind to a state of relaxation.

Combine the hot and cold tubs as a sequence creates circulation and increases blood flow for a powerful recovery benefits.

Cedar tub at Elevate


The Benefits

Embracing the cold will leave you with a whole host of benefits, including increased energy, a revved-up immune system and metabolism, decrease pain and inflammation and even reduced depression, anxiety and stress.


Depending on your desired outcome, you will cycle between the hot and cold tubs in a ratio of 5-1, 3-1, or 1-1, always starting with the hot tub and ending in the cold tub. Yes, the cold can be a shock to the system, but we recommend breathing deeply through it and embracing the chill knowing you will reap the benefits in the long run! By experiencing small doses of stress, you’re teaching your body to become more resilient over time. 


You probably didn't think of cold tubs as the key to weight loss, but consistent cold exposure can increase our metabolism by up to 300%! This happens through thermogenesis - when we shiver, our muscles contract to produce heat which leads to more fat loss. And when we retain heat like this, it can work as a powerful anti-inflammatory.


The list of benefits is long!

  • Reduce stress, anxiety & depression

  • Boost mood & cognitive function

  • Better performing immune system

  • Decreased pain & inflammation

  • Increased resillience

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