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A new way to approach wellness


Blending relaxation with the healing properties of professional recovery modalities.

Exterior photo of Elevate

Just because professional athletes train and recover with advanced techniques and equipment, doesn't mean you can't as well. At Elevate, we blend professional recovery and wellness equipment with a relaxing, soothing atmosphere so you can let your mind and body relax while soaking in the multiple health benefits of taking recovery seriously.

Our mission is to improve your psychical, mental and emotional well-being through strength training, therapeutic massage and holistic wellness practices. We are dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone can achieve their personal strength goals, enhance their overall health, and cultivate a balanced lifestyle.

Backed by science

Owned and operated by experts in the health and sports fields, Elevate is a new concept for Winnipegers looking to take their training to the next level or to take back control of their health. While compression therapy, infrared saunas and hydrotherapy may sound complex, our services and circuits are tailor made for your needs and we guarantee you'll leave feeling energized, focused, and lighter on your feet.

Compression boot equipment


Our Founders

Experts in their fields and long-time professionals in the sport and health industries, our founders started Elevate to offer a natural wellness option lacking in Winnipeg. Busy professionals with high-stress jobs themselves, they knew that they aren't alone in their search for better sleep, reduced stress, decreased inflammation and overall improved health. Our Founders have worked with professional athletes for decades, and Elevate was born out of a desire to make some of the most efficient and impactful recovery tools for pro athletes accessible for everyone. 



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